CM Peters

This time around, I asked fellow Wattpad Star CM Peters, to answer a few questions for me.

How did you start writing?

I started writing in high school with what I now know to be fanfiction. Back then, it was with The Crow and Don Juan de Marco. Every time we were asked to write stories for French class, I’d go on and on and develop characters with extensive back stories.
I took  break of creative writing in college but started again a few years ago during my convalescence. I realized I missed it dearly.

My first time being published was with a short erotica story with Lit Select. Since then, I’ve published three times with them and will be again in March. I was actually recruited by someone who read me on a writing platform online so my experience has been quite positive.
I haven’t reached out to agents or publishers yet since I’m still working on my first original novel at the moment.

What have you got for us on Wattpad?


Pawns (Wattpad featured Only Lovers Left Alive fanfiction)

When her father passes away, leaving her the family business, Lena Bennett must gather the courage and wits to get through her grief and keep things afloat.
But nothing is ever easy when lies and secrets surface even from trusted people.
Will Lena be brave enough to persevere?

Bound Fate (Original novel)

While Maery Scott’s days are spent simply working in the family businesses along with her mothers and the animals she so cares for, her nights are spent in a world filled with magic and fear in an unreal setting. What happens when she sees her dreams slowly taking form as her nightlife spills into reality?

Do you have any advice for new writers?

My advice for newbies, whether about writing or publishing is to never write for anyone else, even the fan. Their advice and comment may help you develop a story, but when you start writing for them to get more readers, you stop enjoying your own story. Trust your instincts, trust your talent.

Wise words! It’s a bit hard to not get lost in the reads/votes world. Thank you 🙂

She’s also featured on the new book being published by Simon and Schuster, IMAGINES.

You can find her here:

Twitter: @charliempeters
Wattpad: @morriggann