A.J. Winter

I recently met her and I have to say that it’s pretty awesome to have her here! She’s absolutely down to earth and is more talented than what she gives herself credit for.

She has written several books on Wattpad and is currently part of the Wattpad Stars partnership program.

I asked her to tell me a little bit about her and this is what she said:

I am 21-years old and I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life. I am currently on the path to receive my BA in English and a minor in creative writing. When not in school, I dedicate my time to writing on Wattpad, reading, buying books, obsessing over boy bands, and cuddling with my two guinea pigs.

Check out her new story, Vigilant


It’s been twenty-three years since the globe has fallen into the rule of one man who goes by the name of The President. The year is 2385 and the world is falling to shambles as The President is strict with his world. Aurelia Ison was born into the world of distress under the rule of The President. She falls victim to his games when she is chosen to go and be trained to be one of his star pupils. It’s in his “house” where she meets three friends from Old England. Jameson, Marcus, and Phillipa decide that the way of life is to begin fighting against The President.

I’ve read a sneak peak for this story and it’s absolutely awesome. You really don’t want to miss it!

I always ask my authors to tell me something funny that has happened to them in their writing journey, here’s what Amanda shared with us:

This happened just before my birthday. I went to the On The Road Again Tour for One Direction on August 25th. My brother and I went together and we were sitting on the floor section of the stadium. Every once in a while, I would see this girl looking over in my direction. I thought it was weird, but didn’t pay any attention to it. A few days later, I’m on my computer and I get this private message on Wattpad saying, “I SAW YOU AT THE CONCERT BUT I WAS SCARED!” The girl who was looking in my general area was staring at me! I felt so bad! I apologized to her telling her she should have said hi to me! I felt bad and I still do!

You can contact her here:

Instagram: @ajwinterbooks

It’s been a complete plasure to have you Amanda!! Keep the updates coming on Vigilant!!